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Hugga Hugga

Ah Projek

an idea . .BLANK this one's for you *nodnod*

"The Ruler of our world.
A city goverened by her law.
She has 2 sides.
The Birth protects us
and gives us life while The Death destroys us.
This is the way of our lives.
She has the power to make us immortal,
but only she has the power to decide.
The chosen are called to reside with her for
upon her throne she holds time itself, the gateway to eternal life."

The Challenge to .BLANK members:
To depict whichever aspects of the world you like.
I'd like to see some stories within this world. What are the citizens like, are they aiming for rebellion, are there groups competing for immortality?. What is this ruler like? How fair is a controlled world?
Hopefully we can turn this into something a bit bigger than a simple art jam.

round 1 ...FIGHT! lol.

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